The Struggle is Real

Well hello there friends!

So much for getting back to regular posting. I’ve been super busy (and also lazy), so I haven’t posted in a bit, but I think I should have some interesting things to talk about in the near future that are more life-related than running-related, but for now…a training update.

I just started a new training cycle for the Charles Street 12 miler and let’s just say it has not gone well. The first week was fine, but Week 2 was horrendous. I had zero desire to run for multiple days, which for me usually only happens when I’m dealing with some impending injury or extreme fatigue. I ended up skipping 2 runs partially because of that and partially because I was embarrassingly sore from playing softball. (Note to self: start lifting again and maybe run a few intervals.) Anyway, I started Week 3 last night and the results were less than satisfactory. I went out too fast (story of my life #exsprinter) and things fell apart from there. As I was taking a cool down walk, I tried to figure out why I was suddenly so fatigued. I don’t feel injured, just utterly exhausted from short runs. And then it hit me…drum roll please…my diet has been all over the place recently. I have been seriously lazy ever since I got back from California with making healthy foods. I haven’t been eating badly, but I definitely have not been getting my normal fruit and veggie intake. So I went out and purchased all kinds of fruits and veggies, and will hopefully eat them instead of just letting them go bad in the fridge like the last few times. I don’t really cook much which is partially to blame on my tiny kitchen with minimal counter space. That soon will change when I move to a bigger apartment, which I will write a post about soon. My fingers are crossed that I actually begin to do weekly meal prep then. Wish me luck!

Anyway that’s all for now. I have a slightly longer run tonight, so I’m going try to take it nice and slow and get back into my groove!

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