It’s Been a Minute

Well it’s been a minute (a month) since I posted…oops.
Anyway, Broad Street was mostly a success…until mile 9. Unfortunately, it’s a 10 mile race. I stared feeling a little dizzy and like I was puke. I actually stopped for a moment, because at that point I thought it would be nearly impossible to PR and that it was better not to puke. However, I miscalculated and only missed a PR by about 37 seconds…face palm. Regardless, I did learn something. I’m capable of running faster for longer distances than I thought possible. I truly believed had I walked around less and had drunk more water the day before, I would’ve easily PRed. It was also one of the most fun races with awesome crowd support, so I will need to do it again. However, I won’t be doing it next year because I signed up for the marathon at the Coastal Delaware Running Festival only a few weeks before next year’s race. I’m simultaneously dreading and excited for marathon training.

Anyway, I’m off to California today, so there will be some West Coast run  and maybe hike instagrams in the near future. Stay tuned!

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