GW Parkway Classic & Looking Forward

Well hello there, loyal readers (hi mom!). I wanted to post this immediately after the GW Parkway Classic, but instead went home, took a shower, ate something, and took a long nap. The rest of the week then got away from me. So here I am blogging and doing laundry on a Friday night. I’m a total party animal if you couldn’t tell.


Anyway, the GW Parkway Classic was unexpectedly awesome. As I mentioned in my previous post, it was part of the training cycle for the Broad Street Run, not a target race itself, and my leg was killing me during my shakeout run. Adding to that, I had a terrible night of sleep the night before the race; while I know two nights before the race is most important, I was still unsure how the lack of sleep would impact my race. The only thing that seemed to be in my favor at that point was that the forecast was changed to cold and overcast instead of rainy.

Despite all of that, things went extremely well. The race started on a downhill which made my first mile faster than I had planned, but it still felt really easy. I was skeptical if I would pay for that later in the race. As each mile ticked by at a faster than expected pace, I kept telling myself to ease off the gas, but it wasn’t happening. I did have some intermittent pain and tightness between my left hamstring and glute beginning probably around mile seven until the end. I figured that’s where the wheels were going to come off, but they didn’t. I managed maintain and improve upon my pace. My last mile was actually my fastest, and I managed not to eat it down the steep, quad thrashing descent at the end, both major wins in my book. Overall, my race couldn’t have gone better. I need to stop doubting myself, but still keep realistic expectations, because it seems to give me the best results.

Looking forward to Broad Street, I do have my doubts, but not because of my lack of fitness. As I was standing in line for the port-a-potty at the GW Parkway, a man was talking about having run Broad Street 14 times. He was talking about the crowd and how it was very difficult to run a PR there. He also mentioned that there was a long wait at the bathrooms, upwards of an hour, so that will be interesting. My mom suggested a diaper (lol). A diaper will definitely slow down my times :-). Anyway, I’m going to try to put aside my competitive side and enjoy the atmosphere, which I hear is amazing. If I run a great time, that will be a bonus.

Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope to make the blogs after Broad Street a little more focused on other aspects of running, fitness, and my life, instead of just race recaps, so stay tuned until then!

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