Sole of the City 10k Recap

On Saturday, I ran the Sole of the City 10k through the streets of downtown Baltimore, and it was awesome! As you may have seen in my last post, I went into the race with the idea that I didn’t want to overdo this race, because I have some longer races in the next few weeks. Surprisingly, it went pretty well.

I originally planned to run about a mile before and after the race to complete my full 8 mile for the day. That didn’t happen, because it was much colder and a little more cramped than I expected. Instead, I stretched in Harris Teeter (very normal, obviously)  and made my way to the starting line about 15 minutes prior to the race start. The beginning of the race was super crowded, and there were no pace signs at all. The lack of pace signs was probably my only complaint about the race. I couldn’t move very far forward, so I was stuck with a very slow first mile. While it did help rein me in, I would’ve liked to go a bit faster. It was still a bit crowded through the beginning of the second mile, but I was able to pick up the pace a bit. I tried to still maintain a very comfortable pace and slowly increased it throughout the race.  I still had some left in the tank by the end, which bodes well for my 10 mile races. I feel so much more confident than I did prior to this race.

This race was my first road 10k, and I really loved the distance. It gives some time to make up for slow starts, but isn’t so long that you can’t do it casually or on a whim if you’re a regular runner. I definitely will be seeking out more 10ks in the future.

On one final note about this race, as is common in racing, I ran more than the distance (0.12 miles more), because no one I know cuts the tangents perfectly. While it’s not much, it does change the pace a fair amount, and I was even prouder of my watch pace, as I never expected to be comfortably running that pace. #runnerproblems

Anyway, I’m really excited about the GW Parkway Classic in two weeks after such a positive racing experience with this 10k!

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